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Увы, даже всеведущий Гугл не находит первоисточник нижецитируемого текста. Надеюсь, автор комментария укажет подробности его происхождения. Update begin. Автор сообщил, что текст его собственный, но, увы, пока не привёл координаты исходной публикации: насколько я понял, комментарий написан впервые именно по адресу, указанному на дате и времени размещения текста. Update end.

greenkrokodilla 2018-11-05 18:14:19>

Actually, you may be surprised to learn that Russian (as well as the majority of Slavonic languages) are the «true» historic languages — in contrast to the languages of Western Europe.

Spanish, French, Portuguese are not «historic» in one basic sense — they are »barbarized Latin», i.e. the post-occupation, post-colonial distorted Latin, which the barbarians borrowed from their Roman colonizers, forgetting the original languages of their tribes.

English is not much better. Belonging originally to Germanic tribes, it first got simplified a lot («pidginized»), and then accepted thousands and thousands (may be more than 10000 by now) of Latin words, both directly from the Roman occupiers, and second-hand, the barbarized Latin (=French) in the period when the French dynasty had a right to rule on the island.

Russian and other languages of the tribes, descending from the original carrier of the R1a Y-haplogroup mutation around 20 000 years ago, however, continue the line of their original language uninterruptedly.

And that is the basic, most important difference — not a pseudo-Esperanto (i.e. the language all people must speak dropping their old languages and history, as its Jewish creator fantasized in the late 19th century, dreaming of the New World Order, I guess) of English, the idea which seems so dear to you — but a true historic uninterrupted legacy of thought extending back tens of thousands of years.

… if you can see what I mean.

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